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A Magical Journal A Magical Journal
by Von Braschler and Mari Coryell

Create Your Own Magical Journal

The interactive style of this self-empowering book is designed to guide you into an intimate relationship with nature, with spirit, with magic. Seventeen chapters on natural magic are followed by journal entry pages with magical prompts, seasonal reminders, and nature-based meditations. Daily journaling in this book will help make your spirituality a personal experience. You'll discover how to:

  • evaluate your spiritual/magical progress
  • celebrate & honor the cycles of the year in rituals
  • read the language of nature through gardening, stones, animals, & feathers
  • use color, music, candles & incense for empowerment
  • understand & use the forces of earth, air, fire & water
  • develop the power of the masculine & the feminine
  • create ritual art, masks, & costumes
  • identify protection, centering & grounding
  • develop safe relationships with guides & guardians
  • understand magical intent—your influence on yourself & others

Hardcover, 7 1/4" x 9 1/4", 256 pages, ISBN 978-0-919345-70-6, $24.95

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The Wiccan Way The Wiccan Way
Magical Spirituality for the Solitary Pagan
Rae Beth

The Wiccan Way is filled with simple acts of sacredness and ways to bring magic to your daily life.

This evocative book for connecting with the wisdom of prayer, enchantment and healing magic begins with a thorough description of what prayer means to the Pagan mystic: an attitude of reverence toward nature and its creatures. Prayer and spells are highlighted throughout this enriching book. You will learn:

  • How to create magical prayers
  • Prayers and spells for health, wealth, and good fortune
  • How to get help from a familiar spirit
  • Steps along the path
  • How to consecrate an altar
  • Prayers for the eight sabbats

The author's lyrical writing style brings to life the way of magic and the importance of honoring the spirit of all beings. The Wiccan Way, written for the solitary practitioner, is easy to use.

About the author:
      Rae Beth is a wildwood mystic and a solitary practitioner of Wicca. The author of The Wiccan Path and The Lamp of the Goddess, she also writes poetry and gives talks on magical subjects. As a woman who lives her spirituality, she has expanded her reverence for all life into a lifestyle, a way of being in the world.

Softcover, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", 176 pages, illustrations, ISBN 978-0-919345-95-9, $12.95

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High Priestess High Priestess
The Life & Times of Patricia Crowther
Patricia Crowther

This book will prove to be essential reading for all those interested in the history and development of witchcraft and the climate in which the renaissance of witchcraft occurred.

As one of the Western world's most famous witches, and one of the leading figures in the modern revival of witchcraft, Patricia Crowther was a close friend and confidante of the late Gerald Gardner who initiated her into the Craft of the Wise.  High Priestess  is a fascinating account of a witch's life as a High Priestess of the Great Goddess. Becoming the 'witch-daughter' of an old Scottish High Priestess and inheriting her secret tradition, being the target of Black Magic rites performed by Christian priests, locating the grave which contains the ashes of Old Dorothy, and discovering a seventeenth-century witch's Garter Book, are just some of the experiences the author recounts.

One of the most interesting parts of the book is her recollections of her friendships with occultists and witches such as William Gray, R. J. Stewart, Ray Bone, Ruth Wynn-Owen, and, of course, Gerald Gardner. Patricia Crowther records her pilgrimages to find the Goddess in distant lands and verifies the Craft's system of Degrees by citing instances of their usage in ancient times. There is also startling evidence concerning the long-standing enigma of how Alex Sanders obtained the Book of Shadows, which he incorporated into his own brand of witchcraft.

"Patricia Crowther has always shown through her delightful wit and knowledge a wonderful insight into the re-emergence of the Craft. We owe this truly remarkable lady a debt of gratitude, for without Patricia many of us would not be involved today in the Old Religion."
      -- Janet & Stewart Farrar

"Patricia's lively autobiography lets us encounter strange and fascinating stories of the British Craft revival of the 1960s and `70s. Her stories of theatrical performances, magical workings, skeletons dumped from closets, and extraordinary events all illuminate the fullness of a life dedicated to the gods of the witches and to mystical insight."
      -- Chas. Clifton

About the author:
      Patricia Crowther is a native of Yorkshire, and has been a practicing witch since 1960. She is regarded as one of the leading personalities of the Old Religion, having lectured widely, written many books on witchcraft, initiated new covens and appeared regularly on television and radio. Together with her late husband, Arnold Crowther, the author presented the first series on witchcraft for BBC Radio.

Softcover, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", 216 pages, photographs, ISBN 978-0-919345-87-4, $16.50

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The Healing Craft
Healing Practices for Witches and Pagans
Janet & Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone

The Healing Craft is the first book to present such a wide spectrum
of the healing arts especially for Witches and pagans.

Highlights include: The Healing Craft

• The History of Healing Within Paganism
              & Witchcraft
• The Aura & The Chakras
• Astrology & Healing
• Healing Sanctuaries
• Healing Wells & Springs
• The Healing Gods & Goddesses
• Healing With Magic
• Holistic Massage
• The Tarot & Divination
• Shamanistic Healing
• Herbalism
• Past-Life Regression Therapy
• The Physical Body & The Mind

This book also addresses the rarely discussed but important aspects of:

• The Ethics of Healing, including Code of Ethics and Conduct for Healers
              and A Healer's Self-Dedication Ritual
• Last Rites, including Pagan Last Rites Ritual and Bereavement Counseling

About the authors:
      Janet & Stewart Farrar are the authors of many books on Wicca including The Witches' Goddess, The Witches' God, The Witches' Way and Eight Sabbats for Witches.  Gavin Bone is the coauthor, with Janet & Stewart Farrar, of  The Pagan Path and has been a member of the medical profession for 15 years.

Softcover, 6" x 9", 272 pages, illustrations, bibliography, index, ISBN 978-0-919345-18-8, $15.00

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Etruscan Roman Remains Etruscan
Roman Remains

Charles G. Leland

Leland was sixty-seven years old when he informed a family confidante and colleague that he had stumbled upon "all the principal deities of the Etruscans still existing as spirits or folletti in the Romagna area of Italy--I believe I am the first to find out this."  Leland had already published five books on gypsy lore and language, including his discovery and description, with a laboriously compiled vocabulary, of Shelta, hitherto a wholly oral tongue. When the present Etruscan book was finished, Leland regarded it as his greatest work, "ten times more remarkable" than Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune-telling, his unique collection, published a few years before. Even "finding Shelta was a trifle to this," he wrote ecstatically of the Etruscan discoveries.

He went on to state that "Aradia, or The Gospel of the Witches, as I have given it, is in reality only the initial chapter of the collection of ceremonies, 'cantrips,' incantations, and traditions current in the fraternity or sisterhood, the whole of which are in the main to be found in my Etruscan Roman Remains..."

In this book, as in Aradia, Leland saw himself as performing a type of salvage operation, trying to save what could be saved before the onslaught of modernity: "It will come to pass and that at no very distant day, when -- although there will be no lack of people who will understand this book perhaps better than I do -- there will not be a soul living who can feel it... (when) every man and woman will be educated -- and all the better for them -- probably into something far more sensible than sentimentalism or superstition, but the ancient spirit in which the past was lived will be irrecoverably lost."

Leland emphasized quite clearly that this witch lore is handed down in secret only within a few families such as Maddalena's. "Now, as the proverb says, 'Take a thief to catch a thief,' so I found that to take a witch to catch witches, or detect their secrets, was an infallible means to acquire the arcana of sorcery. It was in this manner that I gathered a great part of the lore in my Etruscan Roman Remains. I however collected enough, in all conscience, from other sources, and verified it all sufficiently from classical writers, to fully test the honesty of my authorities."

"Etruscan Roman Remains has much to say on Italian witchcraft as Leland came to know it, and its second part (Incantations, Divination, Medicine, and Amulets) is virtually a grimoire of witches' magic."       -- Chas. Clifton

Originally published in 1892.

Softcover, 6" x 9", 400 pages, illustrations, index, ISBN 978-0-919345-29-4, $18.50

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A Compendium of Herbal Magick A Compendium of
Herbal Magick

Paul Beyerl

The most comprehensive and all-inclusive book on the magical and religious uses of herbs ever published.

330 herbs covered in detail with over 100 illustrations,
by the author of  The Master Book of Herbalism
(40,000 in print).

Sections include:
The Magickal Classification of Herbs
Aphrodisiacal, fertility, consecration, immortality, love,
protection, purification, magickal, visionary and more
A Guide to the Usage of Magickal Herbs
Over 200 entries covered in detail on subjects including altars,
astral work, baby blessings, clairvoyance, Drawing Down the Moon,
Goddess worship, good fortune, handfasting, spirit guides, success,
wish magic and Yule
Deities and Magickal Herbalism
Over 140 deities with appropriate herbs for each, with guidelines
Herbal Correspondences
Astrological associations for all herbs by planet and sign

Since the earliest times people were aware that all of Nature is divine and that every plant has its own distinct spiritual energy. This understanding has been preserved in folklore of cultures around the world through poems, chants, ditties and spells. From researching this lore, patterns emerge which enable us to approach the true nature of plants' energies. Great care has been taken to include only folklore that has been documented as authentic.

"A monumental work. It's difficult to imagine a more thorough book on the subject ever being published."

– Wendell Cooper

"Paul Beyerl has brought forth another in-depth volume that will provide inspiration to advanced practitioners of the occult and beginners alike."

– Ellen Evert Hopman, author of Tree Medicine, Tree Magic, A
Druid's Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year, and People of the Earth:
The New Pagans Speak Out (co-author)

Softcover, 6" x 9", 528 pages, ISBN 978-0-919345-45-4, $27.50

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Spellcraft Spellcraft
A Handbook of Invocations, Blessings, Protections, Healing Spells, Love Spells, Binding and Bidding
Robin Skelton

Robin Skelton sets out to prove that "spell-making is a skill and can be learned by anyone with sufficient psychic energy and powers of concentration." From the author of Practice of Witchcraft and Magical Practice of Talismans, learn the ancient craft of common magic, which has no connection to witchcraft or the black arts. Verbal magic, a form of wishing or transmittal of intuitive messages, is as old as language itself and as powerful as the deepest forces of the human psyche. Skelton's intelligent, informative commentary will fascinate those reading out of curiosity and those seeking knowledge.

Softcover, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", 206 pages, ISBN 978-0-919345-21-8, $11.50

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